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Subject: Re: guilty until probed the opposite

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 07:26:20 05/30/05

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On May 30, 2005 at 09:56:45, Cesar Contreras wrote:

>Uri, i must add that i don't like the way you answer to me. Please give me a
>little credit, i don't like you answer me like if i where an idiot. It's not the
>first time by the way. At least i made an engine from scratch. have you?

I did not start from another program and modified it.

Small part of the data structure was copied from tscp and also some non chess
stuff like supporting winboard but
the move generator is a legal move geneator and use original structure
and Movei does not use the offset structure of tscp or mailbox structure.

Evaluation is also original and has nothing in common with tscp.

The common part with tscp is very little and I am sure that people will never
find strong evidence that Movei is a clone of another program.

I know that some programs(like trace) even started from tscp and
I do not claim that trace is a clone.

>I usually don't respond in this terms, but for your responses i feel you are
>trying to probe that i don't know a thing about chess programming.

The discussion is not about you but about Fafis.
Some original source code of older version does not prove that the program is
not a clone.

>Again i don't say "it's not a clone". I have no enougth evidence about that. But
>i think your evidence it's not enougth. I'm know you think fafis it's a clone
>since it got stronger, you only was waiting for some evidence (whatever).


I did not know.
The evidence convinced me.


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