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Subject: Re: Chess GPL projects establish cheating communities

Author: Reinhard Scharnagl

Date: 11:35:28 06/18/05

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On June 18, 2005 at 14:23:42, Murano Lima wrote:

>Hello Reinhard,
>I dont love to do that, but your subject line and thesis
>are so incredible (and silly), that I think it is justified:
>Not everybody may be aware, that you are trying to establish
>a commercial project (-> the extremely innovative Smirf).
>The release of Fruit finally destroyed any hope to make any money
>with that, and this was also the case for one or two more projects,
>(there was indeed a clone, published by pure desperation, thats all).
>So the motivation to argue against GPL et simil. is so obvious
>that one really has to be surprised by the fact that you dont feel
>completely ridiculous to repeat your accusations of cheating and all the boring
>rest again and again.


whatever my motivations might be (you are speculating on) they neither create
nor change the reality, which I have criticized. It is very demasking changing
to personally attaks instead of talking on the subject of the discussion.

Moreover you seem to have very wired ideas, what a commercial project would be.
You will find very few hobby cooks, who would like to give away their products
for free to anybody. So I am trying to partially get back the costs for hard-
and software. That makes me not comparable to big companies e.g. like Chessbase.

It is a very childish view, that hobby programmers have to give away their work
for free. That would only create the idea in the heads of its users for the
written software to be worth nothing. That is not, what I want to establish.


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