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Subject: Re: Has Thomas Gaksch become co-author of Fruit?

Author: Joachim Rang

Date: 11:47:47 06/18/05

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On June 18, 2005 at 11:30:05, Gabor Szots wrote:

>An excerpt from the readme of the new Fruit:
> "added PV-node extensions (this is from Toga), e.g. extending
>  recaptures only at PV nodes.  Not sure if these extensions help; if
>  they do, we all need to recognise Thomas Gaksch's contribution to
>  the community!"
>In my opinion it does not matter whether they help. In my interpretation Fabien
>uses something Thomas invented or something from his code. The same what Thomas
>did (only to much less extent).
>This adds to the confusion and controversion. What do we have now: two engines
>or two personalities? Or more? Fruit 2.1 based on Toga II based on Fruit 2.0?
>Ridiculous. The whole GPL is ridiculous.
>Maybe Fabien intended to implement these PV-node extensions anyway. Thomas did
>it _for him_ (!) and now Fabien has to refer to Thomas otherwise he would be a
>I can only recommend to all authors not to publish their source code. At least
>not if their engine plays too well. Maybe it is too late.

Gábor you are totally missing the point. The advantage of GPL is, that anybody
can cntribute which anybody can use or not. The story of Fruit/Toga is a perfect
example of the potential of GPL. Somebody saw the source contributed own ideas
and after testing found that they help they were implemented in the original
product. For me this is the future of chess programs (and maybe other software).

regards Joachim

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