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Subject: Re: Has Thomas Gaksch become co-author of Fruit?

Author: Pallav Nawani

Date: 17:23:09 06/18/05

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On June 18, 2005 at 14:15:39, GŁnther Simon wrote:

>What is the difference between cut + paste and not even 'taking
>the time to understand' before using some source code?
>It's just the generally approach of that sentence I don't like.

Your argument is very weak.

I recently wrote a GUI runner for text adventure games for Linux. It can run
Adrift, AGT and Tads games. It uses lots and lots of open source code: The GTK
GUI toolkit, Intrepeter for AGT, Interpreter for Adrift, interpreter for TADS,
and indirectly, lots more. If I were to take the time to understand the code for
all these things, I would have to spend half my life reading code.

Suppose I want to make a GPL engine, with a 16x16 board, as in fruit. I can take
fruit's move generator code and copy it, and also copy the relevant data
structures. As long as I keep the program under GPL, cut and paste is perfectly
ok, and legal, and I don't have to understand the code either. I should also
give credit to fabien, of course.

Only place where I see a problem is that after cut and paste I cannot claim the
code is mine. The credit must be given to the original author, and he should be
named as the co author.

Microsoft uses the Code of IJG (independent jpeg group) in their browser to
handle Jpeg images. I bet that they don't understand the code either. I don't
see anybody critising them for that...


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