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Subject: Re: Has Thomas Gaksch become co-author of Fruit?

Author: Gabor Szots

Date: 02:41:03 06/19/05

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On June 19, 2005 at 03:38:26, Fabien Letouzey wrote:

>Hi Gabor,
>As Robert pointed out, I have NOT copied Thomas' code.  In fact even the
>behaviour of the code is different.  Every single line in the Fruit source code
>was typed by me and is "original" in the sense "not copy/pasted".  I am
>therefore sole author of Fruit 2.1 although Thomas is not sole author of Toga.
>If you consider using ideas from other people as "co-authorship", then every
>single engine in the world has hundreds of authors (alpha-beta, PVS, iterative
>deepening, etc ...).  You would run a tournament with one engine, all others
>having common authors with it.

Hi Fabien,

No, I don't consider using ideas from other people as "co-authorship".


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