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Subject: Re: Chess GPL projects establish cheating communities

Author: Reinhard Scharnagl

Date: 08:57:51 06/19/05

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Hi Stan,

thank you for your encouraging statement!

Many of freeware chessengine authors cannot imagine, that they are performing
a kind of dumping and devaluating of the whole scene. Even Open Source projects
under GPL often are misunderstood as Freeware or Warez related. But the idea
has been to create open standards and application platforms, where every pro-
grammer has the chance to use any API or interface. The idea has not been to
make it impossible for programmers to earn money, but to shift that over to
customizing processes. A chess program mostly has no customizable parts, where
a programmer would be needed. Thus demanding always newer and better freeware
chess programs will demotivate professional programmers to invent really new

Smirf nevertheless makes an attempt to reduce chess programming to its roots
again, covering 8x8 Chess960 and 10x8 variants without being supported by huge
look up knowledge, which is cutting off the intelligent routines from important
phases of the game and thus is counter productive to further improvements there.

Of course Smirf would not immediately reach the level of the top programs. But
already now, when testing Smirf's abilities and strength, you would be positivly
surprised. And not to forget: Smirf also plays traditional chess!

Regards, Reinhard.

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