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Subject: Re: LOL ROFL :-)

Author: Robert Hollay

Date: 15:15:10 06/19/05

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On June 19, 2005 at 17:38:52, Steve Glanzfeld wrote:

>>Exactly. I even know of a chess programmer who believes (at least once said so)
>>that using EGTB's is cheating.
>Don't ignore the fundamental hardware differences between humans and comps! :-))

Human's "hardware" is fixed size, computer's hardware is enlargable endlessly.

>So, different concepts have to be applied most often, to reach the same goals.
>Tablebases represent the purest, most perfect chess knowledge on earth!

Yes, and 32 man EGTB's would be the most perfect chess knowledge in the
One small step for comps, one giant leap for mankind to bury chess-game forever.

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