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Subject: Re: What makes Fruit and Fruit-Toga so strong?

Author: Thomas Gaksch

Date: 23:28:35 06/20/05

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On June 14, 2005 at 16:03:42, Roger D Davis wrote:

>Looks like the latest editions of Fruit and Fruit-Toga are very strong. Is there
>any single structural feature that makes them so strong? Is it speed, or tuning,
>or what?

Thats very simple to answer. You can see it in the source code.
1. look at the Null Move Heuristic. Null moves are NOT used on PV-Nodes. Null
moves are used in the Endgame with a verification search (deep searches in the
endgame). And whats about 2 Null-Moves in a row? Is that forbidden? Is it a bug
in Fruit? Look in the source code.
2. All reductions are only made in NONE PV Nodes (history pruning).
3. All extensions are done only in PV Nodes. The search is much more stable with
this kind of extensions.
4. and of course the evaluation is well tested and parameterizised. but i think
that are the most evaluation functions.
5. and of course fabien is a great developer. the source code is very very clear
and readable a changes can be done very simple.

It seems so, that sometimes less is more.
But donīt believe me, because i had only luck with toga and i canīt read the
source code from fruit.
But if i were an engine author, i would try these things out. But i am only a
cloner because i hate it to invent wheels another 1000 times. And of course i
must work to earn money, so that my familiy has something to eat. oh, i forgot
that my family sometimes also wants to talk with me and wants to do some trips.
(Sorry, it seems that i have a bad day today)


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