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Subject: Re: The Baron 1.6.1

Author: Mridul Muralidharan

Date: 02:52:45 06/21/05

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On June 21, 2005 at 04:18:02, Matthias Gemuh wrote:

>On June 20, 2005 at 18:01:21, Richard Pijl wrote:
>>The Baron 1.6.1 is just released.
>>It's available from
>>This version is a slightly improved version of the engine that played ICT5 in
>>Both the standard and FRC versions are available
>Hi Richard,
>I admire your courage ! You announce the release of The Baron at a time when
>the whole world is talking about Fruit 2.1 ;).
>Thanks for this release,

I dont understand the part about courage .... baron is a very strong engine and
has been around for much longer (and is also SMP btw).
Amateur programmers code for the fun of it , and just 'cos a newer/stronger
engine comes out as opensource does not mean that they others should call it
quits :)
Going by this logic , if shredder becomes opensource , you will expect everyone
else to quit chess development and focus only on it ;-)

Go baron go !

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