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Subject: Re: POSIX threads

Author: Zappa

Date: 05:33:21 07/05/05

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On July 05, 2005 at 05:02:54, Lance Perkins wrote:

>Not true.
>Testing a multi-threaded app on a single-cpu machine is bogus. Its very easy to
>write a multi-threaded app. Its a no brianer. But to be sure that it actually
>works on a multi-cpu machine, you have to test it on one.
>On a single-cpu machine, the threads never run in parallel. A shared resource
>will never be accessed simultaneously.
>I have tons of horror stories about this from newbie programmers.

In *theory* you can get a significant fraction of the race conditions running on
a single cpu machine, because each thread will be preempted and then restarted,
and this has *in theory* can produce the same kinds of possible instruction
orders as a multiprocessor machine.

But in practice you are 100% right :(


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