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Subject: Re: WAC 230 and Alexander Szabo's refutation revisted

Author: Miguel A. Ballicora

Date: 17:48:13 08/01/05

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On August 01, 2005 at 20:08:11, Roger Brown wrote:

>>On August 01, 2005 at 17:53:27, Miguel A. Ballicora wrote:
>Hello Miguel,
>Please do not take this as a rude post - in fact it is the opposite - but are
>you finished with Winboard in general and Gaviota in specific?

I do not take it as a rude, in fact I am flattered that there are people

I am not finished with Gaviota, but I was forced to stop for a while (2 years,
actually). I have been more and more busy with my daily work and could not keep
up with Gaviota. Now, I am moving and changing employers in the next 3 weeks.
Once I am established, I will be back on it. I do not know how intense my work
will be, I will continue.

When I stopped, it was an appropiate time because I finished the main framework.
It has a book, search etc. etc. but in fact it has a very rudimentary evaluation
(for instance, no king safety at all!). That is what I really wanted to work on
when I started this project! This is going to be really phase 2. I am not
finished with Gaviota, I haven't even started! yet :-)


>There are some fans out there (myself included) who are wondering...

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