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Subject: Re: FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update for Hiarcs 7.0 owners!

Author: blass uri

Date: 21:58:23 02/21/99

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On February 21, 1999 at 18:16:29, Mark Uniacke wrote:

>As promised some weeks ago a FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update is now available to
>existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM PC owners from the HIARCS home page:
>Please note this update is initially for PC owners only.
>This is the first of many free updates for our existing Hiarcs 7.0 CD-ROM
>It includes the following improvements and new features:
>o Deep search: A special deep search selectivity option will be available
>  specifically for correspondence chess and overnight analysis.
>  Search Selectivity 6 and 7 are introduced with this version.
>  WARNING: Testing indicates the deep search selectivities of 6 and 7
>  are 50+ Elo weaker at tournament chess and faster time controls.

I am going to play with a computer in the 3/4 final of the correspondence
championship of Israel
One of the options is to buy Hiarcs7.

I want to know if the tests indicate that the difference between Selectivity
6(7) and normal Hiarcs7 is reduced in tournament time controls relative to

If it is 50 elo weaker at tournament time control and 200 elo weaker at blitz
then I can hope that it is  better at correspondence games.


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