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Subject: Re: Spike 1.0 Mainz released!

Author: gerold daniels

Date: 18:34:55 08/16/05

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On August 16, 2005 at 19:46:29, Jorge Pichard wrote:

>On August 16, 2005 at 16:41:39, Volker Böhm wrote:
>>"Spike 1.0 Mainz" is released, still freeware and available to download. As
>>always the link is
>>[url=]Homepage of spike[/url]
>>New features are:
>>* Chess960 support with Winboard- and UCI-Protocol.
>>* Nalimov EGTB support
>>* About 50-80 additional ELO of playing strength compared to Spike 0.9(a).
>>It will take some time, at least 6 month, before the next version of Spike will
>>be released.
>>Greetings Ralf & Volker
>I don't find version 1.0 mainz all that i can find is version 0.9a.

Hi Jorge. GO to download and it should be the first one at the top.
           Spike 1.0 Mainz

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