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Subject: Re: Spike 1.0 Mainz - Linux version?

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 08:29:59 08/17/05

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On August 17, 2005 at 09:22:02, Volker Böhm wrote:

>Hi Roy,
>no a linux version is currently not planed. It has been a long time that I´ve
>forgotten how to create makefiles. Modern GUI´s take care about the building

There is no need to create any Makefiles.  Just typing something like

gcc -O3 *.c -o spike

from the command line should do the trick.  Replace 'gcc' with 'g++' if you
use C++ rather than plain C.

>Maybe if there is someone who can help me with a linux code (knows where to get
>a gnu compiler for linux, how to make its makefile and can help translate some
>microsoft-specific tread-code - spike is allready multithreading), I can provide
>a Spike-linux.

The GNU compiler is included in all Linux distributions I have encountered,
and is installed by default.  Makefiles are, as I mentioned above, not
really needed.  The threading code is the only real problem.  I have no
idea how hard this would be; I know nothing about Windows programming.

I hope to see a Linux version of Spike.  A Mac OS X version would be even
cooler, though.  :-)


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