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Subject: Re: Zappa-Isichess

Author: Roger Brown

Date: 18:51:38 08/19/05

Go up one level in this thread

>1) For CCT7 and the Elhvest Match, I used the native format for Zappa.
>2) For WCCC2005, there are several engines that has been using the ChessBase
>GUI. However, it doesn't mean that the Book was made by ChessBase. The Book
>Responsible for Zappa in the WCCC2005 has been Erdogan whose book is in the
>ChessBase format. It is his original work performed by several years.
>The engine is a complete original work of Anthony Cozzie.
>If you are going to begin your post-WCCC2005 nonsense before the Tournament is
>over, I suggest you find other hobby according to your absurd world, instead of
>writing craps every day of the year.

Hello Arturo,

I am probably risking a royal roasting but I am going to suggest that perhaps
there is a misunderstanding here.

I do not believe he is even hinting that the book used was a book built by
Chessbase (say the generic book that ships with several programs).  There did
not seem to be an attack on the integrity of Anthony Cozzie, Erdogan or

I think what Uri is talking about is the actual mechanics of how the moves are
chosen by the Chessbase gui.  There are guis that enable engines to use
tablebases.  What actually happens is that the program (chessbase) recognises
that a position on the board consists of five pieces and searches the
appropriate file.

This is different from guis such as Winboard or Arena where the engine itself
has to be able to use the tablebases or its no go.

The King serves as an example.  In the Chessbase gui if you put the white king
and two bishops in one corner and the sole black king in the other, in the
Chessbase gui with egtb's enabled the "King" will spit out mate scores (mate in
less than 20 incidentally) whereas in Winboard black will show a negative score
of 8.88 (I use an adapter to decimalise the King's output) but no mate scores.

I put the King in quotes because the King can only use its special tablebases
and only in its native gui so it is clear that the chessbase gui is "assisting"
the engine in that it is not the engine which is searching the egtb's but the

There are uci engines that use their own books in the chessbase gui.  Zappa
does.  The native format means that the gui is handling the opening book moves,
not the engine.  I believe this is Uri's point.

Now I may be wrong and if I am there are sufficient experts here to correct me I
am sure.

I would just like if the discussion could move to the technical away from the

I hope this is not a case of writing craps...


Ps.  Congrats on Zappa.  To think that I have a version of that engine as

This is a *polite* question:  I see your rather sombre photo as being involved
in the opening theory support of a rather intriguing three d program which is
coming soon.  How is that progressing?

Thanks for reading this......


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