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Subject: Re: Zappa-Isichess

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 06:17:03 08/20/05

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On August 19, 2005 at 21:29:27, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>Although the ICGA doesn't seem to quite grasp the problem that many of us have
>pointed out.  The opening book is a _significant_ part of a chess engine.  Which
>means the code to select moves from that book based on some sort of algorithm is
>going to possibly play a significant number of moves, if not the majority of the
>moves in the game.  Allowing someone else to write this code and then share it
>among multiple engines is simply wrong.  Writing custom books is fine, but the
>chess engine author should be responsible for any code that makes chess playing

You do have a point, but I don't see how this is fundamentally different from
including Nalimov's EGTB code in the engine.  In both cases, the program relies
on the code of somebody else than the author when selecting moves.  The only
difference I can see is that in one case the foreign code is found in the same
executable as the engine code, while in the other case it is in a second
I don't think this difference is very important.

My opinion is that when a GUI book is used, the GUI authors should be listed as
co-authors, and that Yevgeny Nalimov should be listed as a co-author for all
programs which use his EGTB code.


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