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Subject: Re: Zappa-Isichess

Author: Tord Romstad

Date: 06:41:08 08/20/05

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On August 20, 2005 at 09:22:22, Arturo Ochoa wrote:

>You also missed the point. Zappa always used a native book but it was in a hurry
>to find a Booker: Erdogan was the option and his book was in CB Format.

I don't understand why you bring up Zappa all the time.  As I and several other
people have tried to explain several times before, this debate has *nothing* to
do with Zappa.

>The fact is Zappa + Erdogan has been a great solution.

Absolutely.  Nobody disagrees about this.

>Such debates are relevant before the Tournaments are held. Finising the
>Tournament, it is just irrelevant.

The discussion is relevant because this is not likely to be the last WCCC to be
played.  You could argue that the next tournament is so far away that it makes
little sense to start discussing it now, but I don't agree.  As you point out
yourself, converting a book from one format to another can in some cases be
a very time-consuming task.  If we decide not to allow the use of GUI books
in next years tournament, I am sure all engine and book authors agree that
it is useful to know about it as early as possible.


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