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Subject: Web site updated and new program Book Builder

Author: Marc-Philippe HUGET

Date: 08:32:39 02/24/99

Hi everybody,

First of all, many thanks for all who went to my Web page.

I updated my Web page in order to insert a new program : Book Builder. What is
it ? This program is for helping new chess programers. It builds a lightweight
opening book based on Spracklen's format (e4(e5)(c5))(d4d5)) etc.

For the moment, I insert binary and source code, so if you think this program is
interesting but you want to enhance format, you can since you have source code.
In the future, I will also insert a chunk of code in order to use the opening

What else ? Explanations are in file

This program is a cardware, so if you download these files, please, can you send
me a postcard ? I collect postcards and I am very glad if I receive ones coming
from all over the world.

Web site :


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