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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: Frank Mueller

Date: 10:27:59 09/04/05

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On September 04, 2005 at 12:58:38, A. Cozzie wrote:

>Basically we don't trust certain interfaces that set
>your hash to 1MB and do other evil things of that nature.  Vincent especially
>thinks that such trickery will only increase in future versions.

IMO, it would be a pity if the decision which protocol to choose would be based
on such conspiracy theories.

>>If so: Who shall buy it then?
>Realistically speaking the number of people that would use the engine in fritz
>is very small.  Also, the new gui really is rather nice.

I followed some of Zappa's Island games and was quite impressed how
imaginatively Zappa handled middlegame or how it operated with its own king.
Maybe, I'm wrong, but I think it therefore could be an excellent engine using
for analysis in Chess Assistant (or Chessbase 9, too, for example.) However, for
this purpose Zappa should preferably come as an UCI version.

Just my 0.02$.


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