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Subject: Re: Yes, the 1MB bug is already fixed with the new UCI.dll

Author: Mridul Muralidharan

Date: 11:21:55 09/04/05

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On September 04, 2005 at 13:46:02, Juan Pablo Naar C. wrote:

>On September 04, 2005 at 13:29:48, Steve Maughan wrote:
>>For what it's worth I think that UCI support is now a *must* for any new
>>entrant.  Maybe Fritz can get away without supporting UCI (by the engine) but I
>>doubt another less well established engine can.
>>I really like UCI.  For me UCI support would sway me either way - if Zappa has
>>UCI support I'll most certainly buy it as soon as it's released; if it doesn't
>>then I'll probably give it a miss.
>>As for the 1 Mb hash problem under Fritz - I had heard that it was now fixed (I
>>could be wrong on this) but anyway why not just ignore any hash changes to 1 Mb?
>Just download the new UCI.dll on Chessbase page. This should be no worries,

Hmm , this sounds like good news !
What about the issue with learning ?
If I remember correctly , when starting a newgame or flipping board fritz was
resetting the learning to some random value - has this been fixed ?

- Mridul

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