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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: George Speight

Date: 14:03:00 09/04/05

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On September 04, 2005 at 13:47:25, A. Cozzie wrote:

>On September 04, 2005 at 12:58:38, A. Cozzie wrote:
>>>Is the rumour true, that Zappa 2.0 retail will NOT be sold as UCI engine and
>>>therefore NOT be used under Fritz, Shredder and Arena but only under its own
>>It is still under debate.  Basically we don't trust certain interfaces that set
>>your hash to 1MB and do other evil things of that nature.  Vincent especially
>>thinks that such trickery will only increase in future versions.
>>His solution is to not support UCI.  My solution is to not care.  A possible
>>compromise solution may be to release with WB2 support only.
>>>If so: Who shall buy it then?
>>Realistically speaking the number of people that would use the engine in fritz
>>is very small.  Also, the new gui really is rather nice.
>I suggest all you people email Vincent.  You are preaching to the choir.
What choir are u exactly referring to. When i see the Zappa logo, i see the name
Anthony- I dont see Vincent anywhere. And i would think the choir, so to speak,
would have a vested interest in the sales of this product. I believe it would be
best for all concerned if u did the talking to this Vincent.  George

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