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Subject: Re: Zappa Retail: No UCI?

Author: Jason Waugh

Date: 02:13:05 09/05/05

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On September 04, 2005 at 17:24:49, Thorsten Czub wrote:

>IMO diepeven and cozie give their best to let zappa play in the strongest way.
>they seem to be worried that many people buy zappa, let it run under chessbase
>gui and come with strange results.

I disagree.  Any contract between Cozzie and Deipeveen must involve Cozzie being
paid the significant portion of sales due to engine and Diepeveen paid the
significant portion of sales due to interface, since those are two distinct
aspects that were worked on by each of them individually.

Clearly, I can't know what the contractual obligations of each party are, but I
do know that it definitely behooves VD to make people feel Zappa will have a
much better chance at playing "true strength" if it is a native-to-his-gui
engine rather than UCI running under whatever interface VD is not making a
significant portion of the profit from.  If Cozzie has for whatever reason
committed to VD's gui then it behooves him to tow the company line.

Not knocking either of them; in fact, I wish them the best of luck -- both are
probably "good guys" with "good intentions" - just pointing out the reality.
Marketing is no different whether it be the "monopolist Chessbase" or the "Mom
and Pop advocating better values"

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