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Subject: C.A.P. Project completion announcement!

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 13:47:24 03/04/99

The Chess Analysis Project has completed two important chess experiments.  We
have analyzed every position in our extensive database that has been played at
least 200 times.  This experiment is called "Project Heartwood, Ring 0."  This
set includes 67,408 distinct positions.  We are also 82% complete with Project
Heartwood, Ring 1" which includes 99,955 distinct positions that have been
played at least 100 times.

Each of these positions has been analyzed at least twice and at least 12 minutes
of PII 300 MHz equivalent CPU time.

We have also completed project Apocalypse.  That project consisted of the
analysis of about EPD 8000 test positions.  This project should vastly improve
the quality of these available test suites.  It also debunks a very large number
of incorrect answers to these tests.  In addition, it singles out the class of
problems which are very hard to solve on computers.  This should be valuable for
improving computer algorithms and also for planning strategies against computer

In three months time, this data will be available as public domain from the
C.A.P. FTP site.
"The C-FAQ Book" ISBN 0-201-84519-9
C.A.P. Newsgroup

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