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Subject: full-ply search extension leads to crash city!

Author: Dave Gomboc

Date: 01:57:52 03/07/99

My (not chess) playing software searches fine.. or so it seems, when I have an
"extend on capture" setting of 0 ply, 1/3 ply, 1/2 ply, etc.  But if I set it to
1 ply, I occasionally hit a position where boom!  there goes the stack.

I am wondering if this is endemic to extending by a full ply or not. (e.g. maybe
I am hitting a repetition?  I am not currently detecting those.)  But it could
just be that I have buggy software!  If anyone has noticed this behavior in
their software, I'd like to hear about what caused it.

FYI, I am using mtd(f), and a "material-only" evaluation function, that is, very

Dave Gomboc

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