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Subject: Colossus Chess - Still life in the old horse

Author: bryan whitby

Date: 04:43:29 10/21/05

The other week, I had contact with Martin Bryant author of Colossus Chess.
Martin doesn’t live too far away from me so it was good to hear that he hasn’t
abandoned chess altogether.
He still programs in his very limited spare time and has actually got a Pocket
PC GUI about 80% finished plus he’s working on a UCI chess engine at the moment.
Martin has also returned to playing chess at his local chess club in Bury,
It would be good to see a new version of Colossus again plus the added bonus of
a possible Pocket PC version.
Anyone interested in Colossus can find Martins web site at the following
Do have a look at Martins pictorial guide to ‘What Programming is Really Like’
Brilliant !!

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