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Subject: "Sneaky Pete" program from 1977??

Author: Carey

Date: 08:51:47 10/27/05

In 1977, "Sneaky Pete" became the first microcomputer program to play in an
official tournament.  (The 1977 U.S. Open in Ohio, I think.)

There were other micro programs in 1977, of course, such as 8080 Chess by Robert
Arnstein, and one for the 6800 by Ira Baxter.  But from what I've read, "Sneaky
Pete" was the first to play in an official tournament.

Does anybody have any details about the program?

I'd like to try and hunt for the author of the program, so I could add it to my
Classic Chess computer web site, but I can't find any details on who wrote the

All I can find out is that the program existed.  No other details.

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