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Subject: wing engine files.

Author: adam wilks

Date: 07:36:11 11/01/05


I tried playing wing 1.5 chess engine in dos mode but it came up with the error
"wingx.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the
inconvenience" after several seconds of delay. While trying several versions the
same error occured. The readme file said that wing`s default hash is 128 MB but
this pc can`t accommodate this with "stuff" running in background.
So i edited the wing.ini file and changed 128 MB to 32 and tried again. Same
error occurred. Would 16 or 64 make a difference? Can someone see if this
happens on a pc with at least 128 MB spare in background. As as engine should be
"configurable" to play with nearly all hash sizes up to 1GB not just a default
according to programmers pc hash configuration. See site below.


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