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Subject: CSS-Online-Masters: great news for "good-old-goliath" fans

Author: CLiebert

Date: 05:24:03 11/07/05

Michael is working on a his engine again!!!

And I got him to to play the css online masters in december!!!

Today I got a new beta and it looks like it could play the masters, but we are
still looking for a First-User with very fast hardware.
More details about the master where a lot of new betas like Zappa 2.0, Spike X,
Deep Gandalf 7, Ktulu 7.5 and maybe Fruit X, Hiarcs 10 and Diep X are playing
you will find here:


Many serious bugs found (and fixed):

- book was always on (UCI-Option "wide" instead of "off"  was always recognized
by the engine)
- book index broken (the engine chooses a random move in 2 out of 10 cases)
- UCI interface problems: some parameters (Singular Ext., Prefer Tactics
initialized with random values in seldom cases)
- learnfile was corrupted by a bad installation routine
- broken forward pruning in endgames: recognized by Kurt Utzinger (many thanks
to him) a long time ago ("Nemesis" and "Revival"
includes this bug too). Looked like a Zugzwang problem, so I accepted it. Now I
realized that it was a real bug (a forward pruning
algorithm which needs some adjustments to work well in endgames). Results in
much better performance now!

(Release after the masters)

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