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Subject: Re: Fritz 5.32, Manual sparse. How to get computer to fight to the death?

Author: Greg Lazarou

Date: 16:54:31 03/21/99

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Select "Setup" "General Config" (or CTRL-O) and select the "Never" checkbox in
the Resign option group. Now you can see the fight to the death.


On March 21, 1999 at 17:32:52, Eric Sinn wrote:

>I really like the Fritz 5.32.  However the manual is not very helpful.  I am
>analyzing positions using the computer.  Using the Fritz 5.32 v. Fritz 5.32.
>Somehow, no matter what I do, the games always end like 5 steps or more before
>checkmate with the computer announcing which side won.  I am a weak players and
>I can't see that far ahead.  Forcing the computer to move by hitting the space
>bar is not good either because in 40 move/2 hour or 1 minute mode, the computer
>just refuses to move and run out of time.  I can't find anything in the manual.
>Is there are setting somewhere so I can make the game go to the end, all the way
>to checkmate??
>Thank you for your help.
>Also I understand from reading the posts that the Fritz 5.32 manual is actually
>just half of what is needed.  That is, it is designed to complement the earlier
>Fritz manual (which I don't have).  Is there a way to get a copy or are there
>third party user manuals, internet sites and the like?  I have many more
>questions.  For example, if I read an interesting game in the newspaper and
>would like to enter it by moving the pieces on the board.  How do I do that?  Is
>anyone willing to send me a copy of the earlier manual?  I promise to send it
>Thank you.

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