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Subject: Your soft is a monster ! (And a request please)

Author: Laurent RODRIGUEZ

Date: 04:06:45 12/05/05

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(First, sorry for my very bad english ...)

Congratulations, RYBKA is faboulous, his evaluation fonction is incredible.

On PlayChess server, RYBKA win some games against the "DEEP" (Junior 9, Shredder
9, Fritz 8), on hardware with 2 and 4 CPU !
(And RYBKA is playing on my poor Athlon XP 3200 !)

When RYBKA will be commercial, please, think to all fans of chess softs,
but we should make choice.

For example, i think to LOKASOFT Ktulu 7.1/7.5. Too expensive !
I don't buy this soft (not enough strong for this price).

Thank you,
You are a developer with genius ideas,
And again, long life for RYBKA.

"AmitiƩs de France".

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