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Subject: Re: Rybka 1.0 Announcement

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 08:30:18 12/05/05

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On December 05, 2005 at 10:59:16, Vasik Rajlich wrote:

>On December 05, 2005 at 07:25:49, Uri Blass wrote:
>>On December 05, 2005 at 04:44:36, Vasik Rajlich wrote:
>>>Well, I am shocked by the speed of the computer chess community. There are now
>>>200 requests for Beta versions of Rybka in my mailbox. Many of you made
>>>interesting comments and asked all sorts of questions, but at the moment I am
>>>really short of time and can't give personal responses to everyone. Some of
>>>these questions are answered here.
>>Note that I did not ask to download Rybka because I plan to use it mainly for
>>correspondence games and I thought that asking for it because of that reason is
>>not nice but I downloaded it because I see that everyone can do it.
>>>The first piece of good news is that Rybka Beta 1.0 will be available for free
>>>download until midnight tonight (Dec 5) on Leo's website. Obviously this targets
>>>the more hardcore members of the computer chess community - there are so many
>>>here who give their time and share their ideas that I would be embarassed to do
>>>anything else.
>>I think that this also may help other to get it because I guess that there are
>>readers of this forum who are going to send it to their friends so practically
>>everyone who is going to hear about it may get it by email from a friend even if
>>you do not give it for download after midnight.
>>Thanks for letting people to download it but I doubt if it is a good idea
>>because after you give it for free I doubt if many are going to buy it(unless
>>the beta version cannot be used forever but I see no details that says that it
>>cannot be used after some date in the readme).
>your points are valid but there are a few other points to consider:
>1) The 1.0 release won't have copy protection so people can spread that as
>easily as the Beta.
>2) If we were to copy protect the 1.0 release, it still wouldn't stop people
>from spreading it, and in addition honest customers would be annoyed and
>troubled and people not as expert in computer chess would be less likely to use
>Basically, right now, computer chess sales are in the hands of a certain
>company. I want to get a bigger chess crowd thinking differently - not just
>Rybka, but also Fruit, Shredder, Zappa, .. maybe Movei :). Then we can really
>have some fun. You copy protect the release and try to prevent everybody from
>getting it who isn't paying for it and guess what - you'll just live in a corner
>of the cave.

I understand your point and you may be right.


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