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Subject: Rybka v TRACE 1.35..... 19.5 - 0.5 @ 1+1 bullet

Author: Ross Boyd

Date: 12:54:27 12/05/05

Thats a +660 landslide for Rybka. Wow!

What impressed me most about Rybka was its exquisite piece play.
It gets its pieces onto the most effective squares.  It coordinates its pieces
around passed pawns extremely accurately. It controls space beautifully.

There were a few games where TRACE managed to get a 2 pawn advantage but Rybka
would slowly but surely overpower her with sheer positional and tactical


The game that Rybka only drew ended in a KPK endgame. Rybka's eval was a bit
optimistic (+0.35) for a completely drawn K and h pawn ending.
The 'weaknesses' are trivial for Rajik to fix.

Other observations: Rybka has a very sophisticated piece mobility function.  And
I suspect Rybka has pin detection in its static eval. It plays very humanly with
its ability to 'pin and kill' pieces.


Just my 2c,


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