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Subject: Re: Is Rybbka a fruit clone? [NT] no

Author: F. Huber

Date: 10:28:22 12/06/05

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On December 06, 2005 at 13:14:40, Ziad Haddad wrote:

>My excuses for Rybbka programmer. My post doesn't intend to denie his work, it
>was simply a question like Toga is a Fruit clone.
>Where to download this promising engine?

You also should apologize to the author of Toga, because calling it a ´clone´
of Fruit is wrong as well as unkind!

Maybe you should better call it a ´derivative´, but for me this is simply the
´Fruit family´:
father (or mother) ... Fruit
children ... Toga, GambitFruit ;-)


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