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Subject: Impossible

Author: Telmo C. Escobar

Date: 19:07:23 12/06/05

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 Rybka can't be a clone because there is no other engine capable to play like
it. I'm not talking about its strength, although strong it is; the point is that
its style of play is absolutely unique. I have been watching Rybka playing and
it's hard to resist the idea that, much like the old Kempelen's "automathon",
there is an human grandmaster hiding inside the engine and making the moves.
This engine. more than software, looks like sorcery.

 Do you remember the Chessbase ad that Fritz 9 was capable of playing like a
human? That of course was bullshit, although Fritz 9 is a superb engine anyway
and it's a valuable upgrade of an already established top produce.

 But the same claim could be made about Rybka, and if the author said nothing
about the human-like style of Rybka, surely it is because there is no need to
say a word about it- any folk watching Tybka playing should be thinking about
how it is possible, for an engine, to play like this. After Rybka, nobody would
repeat  the frequent comment that this or that engine (Chess Tiger, say, or
Fruit) is human-like.


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