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Subject: Re: Rybka - How much Fruit is inside ?

Author: Daniel Mehrmannn

Date: 00:44:08 12/12/05

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On December 12, 2005 at 03:23:58, Uri Blass wrote:

>On December 12, 2005 at 02:55:58, Gerd Isenberg wrote:
>>On December 12, 2005 at 02:45:21, Daniel Mehrmannn wrote:
>>>On December 12, 2005 at 02:31:26, Gerd Isenberg wrote:
>>>>On December 11, 2005 at 20:59:08, Daniel Mehrmannn wrote:
>>>>>I was long thinking if i really should post that and some people giving me
>>>>>to not do that, but i think i must do that to feel better.
>>>>hmm... i don't buy that Daniel. I don'i understand you reasoning - as an
>>>>ex-member of the Greif team aka Nimzo clone. If you search for Vasik's post here
>>>>in the past it is rather obvious that Rybka is a very own and original program.
>>>>Also due to the rating boost, bitboards and file size Rybka does not look like a
>>>>Of course he, as well as other commercial and amatuer authors had a look into
>>>>fruit sources. Copying ideas is not cloning.
>>>Hello Gerd,
>>>i think you know that i had nothing to do with the greif sources or program. I
>>>was tester and book author and since this days i have no contact to Michael.
>>You told that story...
>>>Again, i don't say Rybka is a clone.
>>But you claim suspicions in a public forum for no reason as a concurrent
>>programmer. Vas is ready to make a commercial business with Rybka.
>>Can you imagine how much damage your post may wreak, to Vas's future business?
>I do not think that his post is going to cause demage to Vas's future.
>some similiarity to fruit is natural and I think that there is some similiarity
>between every 2 good chess programs.
>I also use mobility evaluation in Movei and today it is based only on the number
>of legal moves.
>What Daniel suggested means that changing it to have different weight for every
>piece in case that I decide in the future to do Movei commercial is not allowed
>because this idea is taken from fruit.

Uri, let me explain what i mean and i hope my english is good enought that you
understand it.

Copying ideas, including fruit, is no cloning and okay! Btw i do this too.

I think it depends how much you use from other ideas and how it works with your
own ideas. If you can see that a program shows the same moves in his pv's in so
many position and depths, ignore the order, must be something wrong.

I mean position where is no clear best move and no captures or check or other
special stuff.

I hope you understand now what i want to say.


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