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Subject: Re: Rybka - How much Fruit is inside ?

Author: Alex Schmidt

Date: 07:31:15 12/12/05

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Hello Daniel,

>First, don't understand me wrong, i _dont't_ say Rybka is a Fruit clone, but i'm
>asking how much Fruit is inside this engine ?

this quote is for some people who obviously misunderstood you :-)

>I have no problems if someone using other ideas of programms. But i have a
>problem if it so clear, in this case so much, and such engines go commercial.

It is up to everyone to buy it or not, and I find it OK to tell the people that
there are ideas of Fruit in Rybka. I am sure there are Fruit ideas in several
engines, and the number will grow. For me it is OK to use other ideas, I would
guess if you put the source code of all engines together, 95% of it are ideas of
others :-)

>Again, i don't say Rybka is a clone.

OK, I hope the last one got it now...


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