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Subject: Re: Rybka code

Author: Chrilly Donninger

Date: 07:51:24 12/12/05

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On December 12, 2005 at 09:25:42, Peter Eizenhammer wrote:

> My main point was:
>>Its not MTD().
>I still don't get the point:
>Am I right to say that your basis thesis was:
>Fruit uses MTD, Rybka does not, so -> no clone.
>Well, Fruit does not use MTD, so what is left of your argument?
>Or do I miss something?

Sorry. I should have written 2 different postings. I mixed up two messages in 2
Message 1 is: Rybka uses PVS (or Alpha-Beta) and not MTD(). This refers to
discussions I found in the archive, where Vasik Rajlich mentioned that he uses
in his programm MTD().

Message 2 is: I have looked in the code and found no direct similarieties with
Fruit. Both use PVS, but almost all programms (besides SOS) use PVS. Thats no
argument for a clone and of course no argument that is no clone.
According my inspections are the board-representation, the movegenerator, the
eval and also the search different. Its unavoidable that there are some general
techniques like PVS in common. Every programm builds on the known start of the


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