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Subject: Re: Secrets of Rybka and Fruit from my point of view

Author: Robert Allgeuer

Date: 00:43:13 12/16/05

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On December 16, 2005 at 00:56:04, Zappa wrote:

>Rybka: I'm starting to think that a lot of Rybka's strength is tactical.  Try
>that baby out on a few test positions some time.  For example, the rapid TC CEGT
>list has Rybka 55 rating points ahead of Fruit, while the slower BFF list has
>Rybka only 15 rating points ahead of Fruit.

It is stated very often that tactical strength is more important for Blitz than
for longer time controls. While intuitively I would agree, was there any study
done that supports this point?
If true it would follow that positionally strong engines are relatively weaker
in Blitz. Is this really true?
What about an alternative explanation:
Rybka┬┤s comprehensive evaluation allows it to make positionally strong moves
even in Blitz, while other engines need plies in order to catch up with respect
to positional strength.


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