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Subject: Re: Secrets of Rybka and Fruit from my point of view

Author: Majd Al-Ansari

Date: 09:41:24 12/16/05

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For one thing, Rybka is phenomenally strong at short time controls.  I finished
a tournament last night on my laptop using all the top guns (Fritz 9, latest
Toga, Fruit 2.2.1, Shredder 9.1 UCI).  Rybka won the tournament very very
easily.  It had if I remember correctely a score of 45 while the number 2 was
Toga with 38.  It was also easily ahead in every one of its individual matches.
The timeframe used was 2min + 1sec.  What was even more impressive is that Rybka
always seemed to move extremely quickly and still played very solid.  Nothing
fancy but just no weaknesses (except maybe in the endgame but most games are
over by then).  Rybka seemed to never be in time trouble and always had much
more time than its opponent.  So anyone that thinks Rybka is weak at short time
controls is mistaken ... It is a monster!

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