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Subject: Re: Secrets of Rybka and Fruit from my point of view

Author: Vasik Rajlich

Date: 12:39:08 12/16/05

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On December 16, 2005 at 08:57:31, Albert Silver wrote:

>>One thing people tell me is that Rybka tends to stick with her moves from lower
>>depths more than other engines. This would also suggest better blitz play.
>Interesting. I've been testing her personalities for the moment, since it is
>easier to test fast games than slow, and so far it does seem she may be a better
>blitz player though. Another intersting thing is that in CEGT, the Very Tactical
>personality is yielding an almost identical rating to the Very Positional one.
>My own tests are now extending into the Slightly Tactical one, and again, I get
>the feeling there won't be any groundbreaking differences.
>I'll post the results I have already shortly.
>                                          Albert

Yes, it's the eternal problem testing small changes. 1000 games gives a 20-point
variance (with 95% confidence). Many changes are much smaller than that. That's
why intuition is always important -  and my intuition is for the "very
positional" setting.


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