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Subject: Re: PB12moves english release notes

Author: Mike S.

Date: 00:55:23 12/23/05

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On December 23, 2005 at 00:40:36, Mike S. wrote:

>P.S.: If you are interested in that book, download is free from CSS Online
>English release notes:;f=10;t=000451;p=1#000002

(Sorry, the link in the other posting was wrong.)

Since the text isn't very long I think I can post it here as well:

It was generated from ~83,000 master games, minimum 2500 Elo for one player, and
several other criteria like no short draws. The maximal length of book variants
in the PB12moves is 12 moves (24 plies). It is possible that in seldom openings,
fewer moves are played from the book.

It contains a total of ~592.000 positions, unzipped file size is 49,5 MB. The
download file (zip) is ~16 MB.

The recommended book settings (press F4) to use the PB12moves are "normal" and
in engine matches, the option "Alternate colors" = on. To keep the original
status of the probability factors, it will be easiest to use it with the files
being write-protected.

Important note: The book has been edited and contains adjustments of probability
factors (move weights). If you like to use it with writeable files to allow book
learning, please use a working copy and/or keep the download file as a backup,
because: If you would later decide to reset the weights (to remove the learn
effects), you would not get the original PB12moves version anymore! In this
case, please use the zipfile again, or a backup.

About UCI or WB. engines in Fritz: Many of these will have their own opening
files, in other file formats, in their folder. For a truly "book-neutral" match
using the PB12moves or any other neutral CTG book, it would be required to
deactivate these engine-specific books. How this is done, depends on the engine,
each. Some have an engine settings option for it, others may require to
temporarily rename the book file etc.
(This last note does not apply to cb-native engines.)


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