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Subject: Re: Hiarcs 10 first results - Harry Schnapp test suite 440 used

Author: Drexel,Michael

Date: 05:50:20 12/23/05

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On December 23, 2005 at 06:56:55, Albert Silver wrote:

>>>Hi Michael,
>>>maybe that you do not like many positions personally. But that is not the point.
>>No, there are definitely many lines a master would never play.
>I haven't looked at the positions, so won't comment on them.
>The fact is that players of ALL levels, the majority of them (99% and more) who
>are not 2200+ players, will be analyzing and going over their games with the
>engines. Since they aren't masters, the positions they analyze are those from
>their non-master openings. That actually means that it far more sense to see how
>well the engines analyze these non-master positions than the latest wrinkle of
>Sicilian theory at move 22, which a very small minority of the players will be

I'm sorry, the discussion is not about analysis. It is about test games.
If you test with unbalanced positions or book lines the weaker engine might
score 1/2 or 0.5/2 instead of 0/2.


>Just because the Closed Sicilian, King's Indian Attack, or the Colle

Btw, these are all openings which were played by master players.
Nobody would play this position with white

[D]rnbqk1nr/pp2ppbp/3p2p1/2p5/2P1PP2/3P3P/PP4P1/RNBQKBNR b KQkq - 0 5

or this position with black

[D]r1bqkbnr/pp3ppp/2npp3/2p5/3PP3/2N2N2/PPP2PPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq - 0 5

>uncommon or rare at master and above level, doesn't mean they are played
>infrequently, and if the engines can't help the <2000 players find great moves
>in them, then their usefulness as an analytical engine is severely reduced IMO.
>                                          Albert

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