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Subject: Re: Spike-Rybka

Author: Majd Al-Ansari

Date: 21:50:17 12/28/05

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Personally I think black is already lost here.  Knight on the edge, two blocked
bishops, one less pawn .... nothing really to work up an attack without causing
suicide. I think it is to Rybka's credit that it managed to keep this position
tenable for so long and I would think that had the queens stayed this would have
been easily drawn.  You will never have an engine that will win every single
game it plays there will always be a loss here and there.  Best is to look at
the opening change the line and move on.  Remember this position was somehow
forced on Rybka by an opening choice chosen by a human.  Also even the mediocre
engines are strong enough to still win games from the top engines.  If you do
many engine matches you will see that even low rated engines do get good hits
every once in a while.

On December 28, 2005 at 03:12:23, Vasik Rajlich wrote:

>Interesting game. I didn't like .. h6 and .. g5 by Rybka in the opening (as I
>suspect most human players won't), and there were a few moments in the endgame
>where better resistance could have been put up - but these are relatively minor
>The biggest issue was the incorrect sacrifice of the h6 pawn. The Rybka static
>eval incorrectly gives the following position (and others of a similar type) as
>roughly equal:
>[D] 8/1b2b1k1/pp1ppp2/nPq5/P1P1P3/2QRNPP1/8/1N2KB1r b - - 0 27
>I'll keep to myself my proposed solution. It's a tricky issue and won't be
>handled until after the Rybka 1.2 release. If anybody wants to share here, I am
>all ears :-)

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