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Subject: Re: Zappa Report

Author: Rafael Andrist

Date: 01:38:46 12/31/05

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On December 30, 2005 at 13:02:43, Ingo Althofer wrote:

>Some 12 years ago I had a technical article on this
>("On telescoping linear evaluation functions") in the
>ICCA Journal (now ICGA Jornal), Vol 16 (June 1993),
>pp. 91-94, describing a theorem (of existence) which says
>that in case of linear evaluation functions with lots
>of terms there is always a small subset of the terms
>such that this set with the right parameters is
>almost as good as the full evaluation function.

Can you state this a bit more precise, please?
As long as it is not clear what you mean by "lots of" and "small" and "almost as
good", your statement says nothing and could be trivially true, if, for ex.
"small" just means "less or equal".

Rafael Andrist

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