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Subject: TRACE v Gerbil in Larsson EG suite 30-10 @ 40/1'

Author: Ross Boyd

Date: 00:20:36 01/02/06

I tested TRACE against Gerbil 2 to compare with Uri's results posted earlier.
Surprisingly TRACE eclipsed Movei's performance... but what TRACE lacks in
intelligent search/eval she compensates for with exceptional luck. ;-)

Hardware was P3-600Mhz... no pondering. All 3,4 and 5 man EGTBs.
Time control was 40 moves in 1 minute (repeating).
The final result was 24-4-12 (W-L-Draw)

I also tried bullet 1 + 1 and the result was almost identical (24-3-13)

And earlier I played an endgame bullet match against Rybka beta release and
Rybka (of course) won handily with 23.5-16.5... Rybka's eval was clearly
superior. Despite the author's claim that it has "no endgame knowledge" it does
have a very fine understanding of the strength of passed pawns - and it knows
how to coordinate all its pieces effectively to get the pawn home safely. I am
really impressed.

In position 4 it understood that exchanging Qs was good for black with its pawn
majority on the king side. I must fix TRACE so that she avoids swapping pieces
when defending this type of position.

In conclusion, Sune Larsson's endgame suite is a very useful addition for engine
testing. Thanks Sune!


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