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Subject: Re: Draw by 2nd repetition?

Author: J. Wesley Cleveland

Date: 09:50:05 03/31/99

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On March 31, 1999 at 12:08:49, James Robertson wrote:

>I have noticed from a post below that some people consider the position a draw
>if it has repeated twice in the search. What are the advantages and
>disadvantages of this? I am currently waiting until 3rd repetition; is this

The advantage is that it can considerably reduce your search. One disadvantage
is that if your program takes a wrong approach in a position where it has an
advantage, it may not be able to try a different way because it would a
repetition. Another possible disadvantage is that if your program thinks a draw
is a good result, it will always try to repeat moves even if it has a better
move. A problem specifically with crafty annotate mode, is that if a player
repeats moves in a won position, crafty scores that move as a draw.

One possible solution for these problems would be to evaluate a repetition in
the search (from the current position forward) as a draw, but a first repetition
of a position before the current position as drawish.

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