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Subject: Re: Draw by 2nd repetition?

Author: Inmann Werner

Date: 02:51:55 04/01/99

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On March 31, 1999 at 16:11:27, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On March 31, 1999 at 15:36:02, Will Singleton wrote:
>>I've seen similar situations.  My opponent makes a mistake, then I move, he then
>>moves the piece back where it was (unusual), and I now repeat instead of taking
>>advantage of the better situation.  This can occur only when I want the draw, of
>>course, and usually it's not harmful.  But it could be.
>>Is this worth fooling with?
>I think it is good to fix, yes.  I forgot to mention I've seen other cases as
>well, the one that I used is just easiest to describe.

One new thought for this discussion.
I changed from rep in 3 to rep in 2, and my program got a lot faster!(also the
cache should recognize the repetition?) If I find repetition, I stop the search
and return 0. 0 scores, I never put into Hashtables.
On the other hand, you are true with your irregular examples.
It is difficult to say, which thing is better.


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