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Subject: MTD(f) and Wikipedia

Author: Joachim Rang

Date: 12:01:04 01/19/06


after a question below regarding the "superiority" of MTD(F) and the article on
Wikipedia about that I decided to modify the entry and added a sentence in which
I question the "superiority" of MTD(f) over PVS since it has "practical issues".
Naturally some guys over in Wikipedia now want to see proof of my statement and
want to know what kind of practical issues there really are. So I have two

1.) Would you support the statement that MTD(F) is _not_ superior to PVS and
while save in some circumstances a few % of nodes has "practical issues" which
make it a less desirable choice?

2.) Could you (briefly) name some of the "practical issues"?

regards Joachim

P.S.: If someone feels encourage to reformulate the article on MTD(F) and
Negascout (PVS) more knowledgeable please feel free to do so. ;-)

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