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Subject: Re: The superior Rybka chess knowledge

Author: Jay Urbanski

Date: 19:16:28 01/19/06

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On January 19, 2006 at 18:18:44, enrico carrisco wrote:


>Rybka uses an invisible Genius-like search to protect itself from tactical
>mistakes and sooner or later, when you are searching very very fast and deep,
>your opponent will go wrong.  The extra search (especially when not included in
>its definition of a node) makes it appear like it has more knowledge and that is
>clearly what sells chess programs (ex: low nps display...)

So, this one thing I will surely take issue with.  There may be a few engine
aficionados in here that would prefer a slower engine (implying more positional
knowledge) but the *vast* majority of the chess-engine buying public wants to
see high n/s counts.  Note the number of "my node count is so slow.. is
something wrong" posts.


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