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Subject: Re: Move ordering - How do I know if I have played this move already?

Author: James Robertson

Date: 22:36:32 04/06/99

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On April 07, 1999 at 00:30:46, Steve Maughan wrote:

>Thanks for the input!
>>>Another idea, which may very well be bad, would be to ignore the whole problem
>>>and simply search some moves twice.
>That sounds expensive but I guess the hash table 'should' make a cutoff at the
>next ply.

That makes sense... but I don't have hash tables so I have no clue. I don't
think about things like that when I make my posts. :)

>>Yeah; I tried this and it was terrible. Because the first move chosen was
>>usually close to the best, it would take a while to cut it off....
>Hmmm - yes sounds bad.  What do others actually do?

Crafty just makes a quick check to make sure the move is not equal to the hash
or killer moves. Look at next.c in the Crafty source.


>Steve Maughan

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